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Starting point – arriving by car

The starting point if arriving by car is the northern end of Capricorn Esplanade. There is parking on the road.

Getting there using public transport and starting point

The best way to get using public transport is to catch bus 491 which starts from the Butler train station. You could catch bus 490, but the walk to the path is much further once you arrive at Yanchep – see Figure 1. For bus 491, get off the bus at one the bus stops on Brazier Road where it runs adjacent to the foreshore reserve – the coastal path runs along this section of Brazier Road. There is no bus stop near the start or finish of this walk, so you will need to do 2 out and back walks – north from where you start and south from where you start. If you catch the 490 bus, get off the bus at the first stop on Two Rock Road, just after the bus turns off Yanchep Beach Road. Walk back (south) along Two Rock Road and after about 400m you will come to Yanchep Beach Lagoon carpark. The path is on the western side of Brazier Road.

Turn around point

The turn around point is southern end of Trumpeter Drive.

Getting back to the start from the turn around point – if you don’t want to do an out-and-back walk

As Figure 1 shows, the only bus stops are found in the middle section of the walk and not at the two ends, so catching the bus will only reduce the walk by about 800m. The other option is to use a taxi/Uber.

Summary of the walk

Figure 1 below shows the route. The total distance one-way distance is 4.0 km, making it an 8.0 km out and back walk. NOTE: the field work for this walk was done in September 2017, and there were new housing development occurring at the north of Yanchep. It is likely that the coastal path will be extended further north in the near future, increasing the length of the walk.

Water and toilets

Any toilet blocks are noted below in the text initalics. These are also sources of potable water. Any additional drinking water taps and showers are also noted initalics.

Figure 1

Yanchep Fig 1.jpg

Walking guide

This walk is described walking south from the starting point. If you arrive by bus and start in the middle of the walk you will need to start from the middle of this guide.

From the start head south along the path adjacent to the road (Capricorn Esplanade) and after about 100m you will see the first of the lookouts of the walk (Plate 1) – the views are worth the walk (Plate 2) – about 200m there and back.

Plate 1: The first lookout

Yanchep walk-74.jpg

Plate 2: Views from the lookout

Yanchep walk-69.jpg

After about another 200m you will notice a new park and the historic Mary Lindsay Homestead, built in between the two world wars – here’s the link to information on the homestead - http://inherit.stateheritage.wa.gov.au/Public/Inventory/PrintSingleRecord/49f77fc9-fd09-47b8-a479-d01ba670bdf7. At the time of writing this the site was still being re-developed (Plate 3). 

Plate 3: The Mary Lindsay Homestead site

Yanchep walk-65.jpg

There is another lookout, about 100m beyond the homestead.

Continue on the Capricorn Esplanade path and after about 250m you will arrive at the Yanchep Lagoon Beach node, with a shower, café and toilet block next to the café. This was also being re-developed at the time of writing this (Plate 4).

Plate 4: Yanchep Lagoon Beach node being re-developed

Yanchep walk-54.jpg

Continue along the path passed a park on the left (with shower and toilet block – Plate 5). 

Plate 5: The next park 

At the roundabout, turn right into Brazier Road. Unfortunately, there is a row of houses between the path and the coast which block the view, and, whilst there is a track that runs in front of the houses, it is fenced off and acts only as a private track for the residents of these houses as well as emergency access (Plate 6). 

Plate 6: Closed path in front of the row of houses

Yanchep walk-42.jpg

After about 350m the row of houses ends, and the foreshore reserve expands to be adjacent to the road. There is a drinking tap in a small carpark about half way along Brazier Road. Just as Brazier Road begins to bend left - Compass Circle goes off to the right - follow the path that runs adjacent to this road and the foreshore reserve. 

Just as the road start to bend to the left, you will see a coastal path going off to the right. Take this path which will take you to a lookout (Plate 7) and a metal boardwalk (Plate 8), which ends at a red bitumen path. 

Plate 7: Lookout

Plate 8: Metal boardwalk

Yanchep walk-18.jpg

Turn left into the path which ends at a road (Foreshore Vista). Follow this path through a roundabout to the end of a Cul de Sac and along a short path that links to Trumpeter Parade. Take the path along this road to the end (Plate 9) – this is the turnaround point.

Plate 9: The end of Trumpeter Parade


Garry Middle, January 2018