What is the Perth-Peel coastal walk trail? (Perth Coastal Walks)

The Perth-Peel metropolitan area now extends over 150km from Dawesville in the south to Two Rocks in the north. This is longer than the the distance between Capes Leeuwin and Naturaliste.

Most of the Perth-Peel coast is developed with foreshores reserves separating the houses from the beach, and most reserves now have formal paths that run parallel to the coast. Some are bitumen/concrete and well used by walkers, runners cyclists etc. Other are more remote and are either sand or crushed limestone. 

These paths and tracks offer a range of experiences - as shown in the photos above - from busy and highly developed to quiet almost wilderness, with most somewhere in between. 

These paths and tracks are a hidden treasure and resource - they potentially form a single long distance walking trail longer than the Cape to Cape trail. It can be walked end to end in one go over 6-8 days or completed in a more leisurely manner, for example, completing one section every Sunday over 20-35 weeks. 

This website has two broad aims:

  • To create an on-line resource of, and promote the Perth-Peel coastal trail as a long distance urban trail;

  • To provide a resource for day walkers anywhere in the Perth-Peel Region wanting to do a casual walk on the coast; and

  • Two provide a resource for people who want to walk the Perth-Peel coast end-to-end.

Interested? read on ...


This project is self funded by Dr Garry Middle Director of EnviroConnect, and this website provides all necessary resources to enable anyone to walk nearly the entire Perth-Peel coast - noting that there are sections especially in the north where there is no coastal path - either as a continuous walk over many days or as casual day walks.

The first part of the project involved Garry walking and cycling the whole length of the coast to complete a series of maps and accompanying resources which can be downloaded from this site.

This site was established on 4th September 2016, the field work began in 2014, and was completed in August 2019.

For full details of the project visit the 'About' page.

The walk segments

The entire walk is broken up into two types of segments:

  • Segments that can be completed as single direction or out and back walks for casual walkers; or

  • Suggested segments for end-to-end walkers.

For the casual walks, the start and finish places are chosen so that people can drive to the start point and then catch public transport back to the starting point. A map for each section is produced (PDF) showing - 

  • The route and instructions on how to keep on the main track;

  • Point of interest along the way;

  • Public facilities, cafes etc; and

  • Convenient bus stops and routes.

For end to end walkers, the start and finish points each segment are chosen that have good public transport access, and also are mostly coastal nodes with infrastructure and facilities.


All inquires to Garry on the link below - all comment and advice welcome!