I have created sections based on two types of walkers:

  • Casual day walkers; and

  • End-to-end walkers.

Casual walking sections

I have defined 18 coastal sections north of the river and 24 south of the river - see below.

All of the south of the river sections have been mapped with only a few undeveloped areas between Mandurah and Rockingham where the coastal paths have yet to be constructed and walking on the beach or road is recommended. However, the section of the coast adjacent to the Kwinana industrial area (Section 6) is not accessible and NOT part of the Perth-Peel Coastal walk trail.

The situation for the north of the river walks are much less complete. Five sections are adjacent to undeveloped land and there is no coastal path at this time - see below.

Under the next heading I have listed the 42 sections, and for those sections that have coastal paths, you can click on the links to go to the respective page on this website to see and download the information.

Each page will include:

  • A full description of the walk including instructions, points of interest, essential facilities, and supporting photographs;

  • A 2 page downloadable PDF version of a summary this description (printable as a single page - back to back - convenient to take with you as you do the walk; and

  • A JPEG version of the map showing the route.

I have tried to make each walk between 4-5km, and has been designed as an out and back walk - i.e. around 8-10km (give or take). The full description of the walk provides:

  • How to get to the starting point using public transport - in all cases, car parking is available at the start point, although in some cases it may be paid parking (for example Fremantle Train Station); and

  • How to return to the starting point using public transport.

I am in the process of turning the pages of this website into a downloadable book. 

End-to-end walking sections

As noted in the introduction, there is a growing world-wide trend of people seeking to walk interesting long distance trails end-to-end. The Perth-Peel coastal trail offers that opportunity. I have created sections for end-to-end walkers that would allow the continuous parts* of this coastal walk to be completed in 11 days.

*NOTE: At the time of writing (August 2019) the continuous part of this train if from Burns Beach to Tims Thicket, although the beach and foreshore adjacencies to the Kwinana industrial area cannot be accessed.

The sections were selected based on the following three criteria:

  • Start and end points are easily accessible using public transport;

  • Start and end points have good infrastructure (toilets etc) and commercial facilities (e.g. cafes); and

  • Average lengths of the sections 15km.

The casual walking sections

A: North of the river

  1. Two Rocks to North Yanchep Beach (Note - Only the existing coastal path has ben mapped);

  2. North Yanchep Beach to Yanchep Lagoon (Note - there is coastal path);

  3. Yanchep Lagoon to Pipidinny (Note - there is coastal path);

  4. North Pipidinny Rd to Shorehaven (Note - there is coastal path);

  5. Shorehaven to Jindalee (Note - there is coastal path);

  6. Jindalee to Mindarie Keys;

  7. Mindarie Keys to Grand Ocean Entrance Park (Note - there is coastal path);

  8. Burns Beach to Ocean Reef;

  9. Ocean Reef to South Mullaloo;

  10. South Mullaloo to Hillaries;

  11. Hillarys to North Beach Jetty;

  12. North Beach Jetty to Scarborough Beach;

  13. Scarborough Beach to Floreat;

  14. Floreat to North Swanbourne;

  15. North Swanbourne to Cottesloe;

  16. Cottesloe to Port Beach;

  17. Port Beach to North Mole; and

  18. Port Beach to Fremantle Station.

B: South of the river

  1. Fremantle Station to South Beach;

  2. South Beach to Coogee Marina;

  3. Coogee Marina to John Graham Reserve;

  4. John Graham Recreation Reserve, part of the Woodman Point;

  5. Henderson to Naval Base Shacks

  6. NOTE - The section of the coast adjacent to the Kwinana industrial area is not accessible and NOT part of the Perth-Peel Coastal walk trail. Click on the link to see why.

  7. Kwinana Beach to Rockingham Beach

  8. Rockingham Beach to Cape Peron

  9. Cape Peron to Shoalwater

  10. Shoalwater to Tern Island

  11. Tern Island to Warnbro

  12. Warnbro to Nude beach

  13. Nude beach to Becher Point

  14. Secret Harbour to Becher Point beach walk

  15. Secret Harbour to Golden Bay

  16. Golden Bay to North Madora

  17. Madora to Silver Sands

  18. Silver Sands to Keith Holmes Reserve Beach

  19. Keith Holmes Beach to Hall Park

  20. Victor Adam Park to Seascapes Beach

  21. Seascapes to Falcon Bay

  22. Falcon Bay to Port Bouvard

  23. Dawesville Cannel to Melros

  24. Melros to Tims Thicket Beach

End-to-end walking sections

  1. OPTIONAL: Jindalee to Burns Beach - 13.2km

  2. Burns Beach to Hillaries boat harbour - 13.2km;

  3. Hillarys to Cottesloe - 21.7km;

  4. Cottesloe to Fremantle rain station - 14.9km;

  5. Fremantle train station to John Graham Reserve - 14.3km;

  6. John Graham Reserve to Naval Base - 13.4km;

  7. Kwinana Beach to Mersey Point - 20.3km;

  8. Mersey Point to Warnbro Nude Beach - 10.6km;

  9. Warnbro Nude Beach to North Madora - 17.0km;

  10. North Madora to Mandurah Estuary centre - 11.7km;

  11. Mandurah Estuary centre to Dawesville Village Mews shopping centre - 20.5km; and

  12. Dawesville Village Mews shopping centre to Tims Thicket - 12.0km.