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Starting point

The starting point is the main beach area at Port Beach. There is plenty of carparking here.

NOTE: There is only one way to do this walk and that is an out and back walk – see below.

Getting there using public transport 

The best way to get using public transport is to take any of buses 999, 998,103 or 107 from the Fremantle train station. Get off at the bus stop just after the old traffic bridge opposite the Rose Hotel. Walk north along the footpath and follow the slip road heading towards the beach which joins Tydeman Road. It’s a walk of about 1km to the end of Tydeman Rioad at the T junction with Port Beach Road. Cross the road at the traffic lights and the starting point is the toilet block opposite the traffic lights.

Turn around point

The turnaround point is the end of North Mole. 

Getting back to the start from the turn around point – if you don’t want to do an out-and-back walk

This is a straight out and back walk and you will finish where you started.

Summary of the walk

Figure 1 below shows the route. The total one-way distance is 3.24 km, but this is an out and back walk only so the total distance of the walk is 6.48 km. 

Water and toilets

Any toilet blocks are noted below in the text initalics. These are also sources of potable water. Any additional drinking water taps and showers are also noted initalics.

 Figure 1

Figure 1.jpg

Walking guide

At the start (Plate 1) there is a café/restauranttoilet block, showers and drinking taps at the start.

Plate 1: Starting point

Head south through the carpark and onto the path that runs next to Port Beach Road. After about 500m the path bends right, which is the start of the land reclamation area for Rous Head. Plate 2 is a view looking north from the strati of the land reclamation area where the end of the beach can be seen. 

Plate 2: View from land reclamation area looking north showing the end of the beach and the start of the land reclamation

The path passes through shaded area made from old containers to celebrate the port (Plate 3), and there us a drinking fountain just passed these structures.

Plate 3: Shade structure made from old containers to celebrate the port

The paths continues, bends left and passes a raised area that has become a nesting area for certain migratory bird species, which has been fenced off and protected (Plate 4). 

Plate 4: Protected bird nesting area

The path continues along the edge of the wall at the edge of the land reclamation area, and the wall bocks the view of the ocean in some locations (Plate 5). 

Plate 5: The path next to the wall at the edge of the land reclamation area

After about 1.3km passed the bird nesting area the reclaimed area narrows significantly to be just a road and walls (Plate 6)

Plate 6: The narrowed section of the walk along the edge of the reclaimed area

Continue with caution along the road for about 750m where the road widens to a carpark and turns right and continues for another 200m passed a toilet blockon to a red lighthouse, which is the turn around point (Plate 7), and walk back the way you came.

Plate 7: Lighthouse at the end of North Mole, which is the turnaround point

There are great views from the end of the North Mole, especially down the coast (Plate 8).

Plate 8: Views from the end of North Mole


Garry Middle, February 2018.